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The Auroras will be Back this Winter!

The early months of 2016 were an exceptional time for seeing the northern lights in Ireland, from Donegal all the way down to Cork. This is quite the rare occurrence.

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City Birds Are Angrier Than Rural Birds

Well, what do you know, city life turns birds into a**holes. JUST LIKE HUMANS! No need to head to the movie theatre or download the video game app: Angry Birds

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This Naughty Irish Fish can Maim you as you Swim This Summer

By Nicole Buckler Let me introduce you to the weever fish. Most people in Ireland haven’t heard of this incredibly crappy little ocean creature. But yesterday, I had a baptism-of-fire

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You Can Now Pay for Your Coffee in Galway With Your Smart Phone

Hankering for a coffee in Galway City? Want to be über– futuristic and use your phone to pay rather than with that barbaric method called CASH? Well, now you can.

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Date Your Friend’s Friends With a New Dating App

Avoid horny modern dating apps with a new app that introduces you to people your friends can vouch for. By Nicole Buckler Modern dating apps have earned themselves a rather