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Irish Summer Festivals you MUST Attend This August

Don’t hang around like a broken string this summer, look what exciting festivals have hit Irish shores! Duncannon Sand Sculpting Festival The 30th annual Duncannon Sand Sculpting Festival will take

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Food Porn 500 Years Ago

We can’t get enough of it – uploading our food obsessions to social media. We even upload images of our own cooking that we are totally surprised worked out well.

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Find Love with an App that sets you up on a PokéDate

Yep, there is now an app which finds you a playmate to catch Pokémon with. By Nicole Buckler PokémonGo hit Irish shores last week. And we, as a nation, are

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Why Did the Vikings Keep on Attacking Irish Monks?

The 8th Century Viking hit-and-run raids on monastic communities such as Iona are now the stuff of legends. The Vikings were getting rather cocky by this stage: they experienced a

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Book Returned to Clare Library After 29-Year Loan

You know those dudes… the ones who borrow books and never return them. Mostly because they can’t be bothered. Or because they have died. Or something. Well one dude from