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Household Hints (from 1916)… Get Your Soot Ready

Every now and again, we look through our back issues (we have them going back to 1914, and the National Library of Ireland holds the copies pre-dating these). Some of

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The Real Tatooine has Been Found

Scientists have discovered a new planet that orbits two suns. And it’s similarity to the fictional Tatooine of Star Wars fame is fascinating. By Nicole Buckler A new planet has

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Good Fathers Sing Simple Songs

By Nicole Buckler For all the single ladies, all the singles ladies, looking to attract a good guy to be your baby-daddy, there might be some precious advice here. Today

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Eco-Brides Have Discovered Flower-Sharing… And It’s a Fantastic Idea

By Nicole Buckler   The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sharing economy has really taken off in the past few years. It has led to everyday people collaborating in many different areas of

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Fancy a Flutter on the Ireland V Sweden Match?

Here are the odds, according to BoyleSports. The Republic of Ireland have touched down in France in preparation for the first Euro 2016 Group E clash, against Sweden. How wary