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Hotwiring Plants in Indoor Farms – This is Our Food Future

As our available farmland shrinks due to human population expansion, we need to come up with new ideas and fast. A sustainable solution is that of vertical farming. This is

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Are Floating Farms the Answer to a Lack of Farmland?

Going into the future, we are going to need a whole lot more farmland to feed all these mouths in the world. Or will we? We certainly will not need

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Drones – a Farmer’s Best Friend

The world population will grow to 9.1 billion by 2050. Food demand is predicted to increase by 70%. We will need to harness technology to be able to feed everybody

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Haunted Dublin

How many of us really believe in ghosts? If you ask around you will find that most people have seen “something”…  Have you? Dave Walsh is an Irish writer who

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The Horribly Misleading (And Dangerous) Advertising of 1916

How humans have got this far without all collectively dropping dead is a miracle. By Nicole Buckler Every now and again, we look through our back issues (we have them