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The Vice President of the U.S. Joe Biden Sure Knows How to Suck Up to the Irish

He’s actually a pretty funny guy. Joe Biden has been touring Ireland, sucking up to us, and making rain jokes all over the gaff. Here is his speech from the

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Hillary Clinton is Already the President of the U.S.A, Pretty Much

Several years ago, Old Moore predicted that after Obama finished his reign, a woman would be president. And, last year, he said that Hillary would run. In the 2016 edition,

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Is Modern Life Poisoning our Dogs?

With pet cancer on the rise, we need new thinking in terms of pet health. Wicklow canine nutritionist Dr Conor Brady, from, explains why dog owners today are moving

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You Can Now Live Permanently on a Cruise Ship

Want an alternative to life on land? Then find your sea legs and make your permanent address “somewhere in the world.” The World is the largest privately owned residential yacht