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New Website Lets Us Fawn Over Our Animal Overlords

By Ruth Kelly A new website is the facebook of pets. If you are an animal-owner, prepare to get sucked in. Anyone who has spent any amount of time online

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Weird and Random Summer Activities on The Cheap

Summer is almost upon us, schools are out soon, exams are starting. The sun is shining (for what could be the first time in two years!) and everyone is ready

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Stop the Crap Gifts for Dad

Dad Is Clearly #2 to Mam… According to a recent survey, Dads are getting totally ripped off on father’s day. A company called IPG Mediabrands ran around surveying people recently

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Would You Try A Lab-Grown Chicken Breast?

We all know that lab burgers are in the works, and they will be on our plates in our lifetime. But how about a lab chicken breast? Are you ready

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A New App Can Identify Artworks and Tell You About Them

By Nicole Buckler Ever been to a gallery and struggled for more information about the artwork? Did you have to forfeit your fancy noise-cancelling headphones in favour of an infophone