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Coming Soon: A Wireless Device That Lets Anglers See the Fish Before Catching Them

For fishing fans, here’s something cool: a new device will allow you to see the fish as they swim around your bait. You’ll be able to judge immediately whether they

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The Irish Workplace: We’re Not On Time, But We Are Productive

A company called Qualtrics has recently released the results of a survey about how satisfied and happy people are in the workplaces. Called the 2016 Global Attitudes Toward Work Report,

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Move Over Black Pudding, There’s a New Irish Sausage in Town

By Nicole Buckler There’s nothing more Irish than a post-lock-in breakfast fry. And now there is a new component to said fry. It promises to be an interesting add-on to

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A TV Show About the Pubs of Ireland To Be Aired in the U.S.

So we all know there are planespotters whole focus on planes, trainspotters who focus on trains.. but now, pub enthusiasts will be getting their own show where they can all

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Ever Suffer From Creepy Sleep Paralysis? Then Science Wants to Study You

Of all the creepy scary things that can happen to you in your bed, this has to be one of the most terrifying. Please universe, keep your haunting sleep disorder