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Does the Full Moon Make You Mental?

Scientists have conducted a new study that says previous studies about human behaviour at the full moon are flawed. “It must be a full moon” is a common refrain when

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Help Detect Earthquakes With a Seismic App

With Old Moore predicting seismic activity for Ireland in 2017, this may interest you. Every smartphone owner on the planet can work together to help detect an earthquake and warn

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Read Latest-Release e-Books For Free

By Nicole Buckler Yes, you can download free hot bestsellers without leaving your gaff. It’s legal, it’s all over Ireland, and damn it’s awesome. (I’m telling you this on the

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Horses can Read Human Emotions

We have a lot of horsey folk that read the Almanac. And now, you will be glad to know that what you are telling everyone about your horse (that they

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Don’t Be Stuck For Irishisms Again!

By Nicole Buckler With St Patrick’s day closing in on us fast, we need to brush up on our Irishisms. You know, the ones that our grandads used to lash