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Date That Hottie You Just Passed In Grafton Street

By Nicole Buckler If you are going to roll out a dating app in a very, very swamped market, it has to be good. So good, in fact, that 10

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Tips You Can’t Live Without

This is life or death stuff. Well it isn’t really, but these are seriously cool timesavers that you will love.      

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Old Moore Gets it Right Again

In the 2016 edition (available to buy here) Old Moore made this prediction: “Data science is ‘hot’ and degrees in Data Science become in demand.” Well, a report has just

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Why Nicky Byrne Will Not Win Eurovision

Nicky Byrne will represent Ireland in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. While many people think he could be our saving grace, Nicole Buckler thinks playing safe is the wrong route

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Modern Irish Ghost Stories

Our readers often make contact with us to report their paranormal happenings. Here are some of our readers’ ghost stories. Please submit your own to us:   Bottle Tower