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Extra-Terrestrial Farmers – Yes Humans are Going to Farm Mars

Old Moore predicted big things for Mars in last year’s edition. Now with the news that several private companies are planning to build cities on the red planet, the need

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Lost Irish Wedding Rituals

There are many old Irish wedding traditions that have been lost over the centuries, as other cultures have barged in on us. Here are some traditions that Nicole Buckler thinks

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Christmas Cocktails That Even the Kids Will Like!*

This is a very important investigation by Nicole Buckler. *Do not give your kids cocktails. Just don’t…says the Grinch. December the eighth is the traditional shopping blow-out day for Irishers

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Correct Predictions from 2015

Yes it is that time of year when we show everyone which of our predictions have come true. (Predictions are from the 2015 edition, Facebook and our website). Old Moore’s