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Life’s Short. Knit fast.

Knitting used to be something that was a necessity if you didn’t want to walk around freezing and naked. On the inhabited islands that surrounded Ireland, for centuries there was

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Irish Punters Wager €1,500,000 on Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor

  Conor McGregor vs José Aldo 8/11 Conor McGregor Evens José Aldo Bookies are bracing themselves for the biggest ever MMA event in history, with Paddy Power estimating that Irish

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Getting The “Cure”

I know a man… Irish history has been rough at times. Over the course of several centuries, Irish people often didn’t have the money to see proper medical professionals. But

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The Animal Psychic

Jackie Weaver has always had an affinity with animals; she had often been aware of their thoughts and feelings but didn’t really know why. Through her work she has changed

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Sacred Irish Trees

Ireland has had a long and intimate relationship with trees. Re-forestation projects are currently restoring our forests—slowly. But let’s remind ourselves as to why trees are so sacred to Irish