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Life’s Short. Knit fast.

Knitting used to be something that was a necessity if you didn’t want to walk around freezing and naked. On the inhabited islands that surrounded Ireland, for centuries there was

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Irish Punters Wager €1,500,000 on Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor

  Conor McGregor vs José Aldo 8/11 Conor McGregor Evens José Aldo Bookies are bracing themselves for the biggest ever MMA event in history, with Paddy Power estimating that Irish

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Getting The “Cure”

I know a man… Irish history has been rough at times. Over the course of several centuries, Irish people often didn’t have the money to see proper medical professionals. But

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Want to Talk to Your Pet? Then Call The Animal Psychic

There is someone who can actually tell you what your pet has been trying to say all along. Jackie Weaver has always had an affinity with animals; she had often

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Sacred Irish Trees

Ireland has had a long and intimate relationship with trees. Re-forestation projects are currently restoring our forests—slowly. But let’s remind ourselves as to why trees are so sacred to Irish