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The Rise of the Humanoid has Begun

In the 2015 edition, Old Moore predicted the “rise of the robots.” And here’s what it means to us in our everyday lives.     Say hello to Nadine, a

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Dry January. Oh God You Can’t Make Me.

Dry January is some campaign by someone or something to make us stop drinking in January. Alright already shut up. Okay okay….I will if you will. By Nicole Buckler Why

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Play Hard at the Christmas Tree Throwing Championship

By Nicole Buckler What qualifies as a sport these days gets more interesting as the years go by. Is chess a sport? Is playing bridge a sport? Bog snorkelling? Stealing

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Women’s Little Christmas – An Irish Tradition Worth Reviving

Ever heard of Women’s Little Christmas? If you haven’t, then you need to get on it! By Nicole Buckler Christmas is finished. The decorations have been dismantled and the Christmas

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First Ancient Irish Human Genomes Have Been Cracked

Boffins at Trinity have done something amazing. They have sequenced ancient Irish DNA. Who we thought we were, isn’t exactly right. There’s more to the story than originally thought. We