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Mars One Replaces Astronauts Who Have Dropped Out

Mars One has been busy since we last checked in with them. Six new astronauts have been chosen to replace candidates who have dropped out. And, Co Cork-based engineer Steve

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In Defiance of the Weatherman

Annoyed at how the winter has dragged on? Well don’t just sit there – embrace your icy nemesis! By Nicole Buckler Rather than whining about how cold it is, and

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Urban Male Professionals Are Seeking Psychic Advice

Where once seeing a psychic was favoured by women, London Psychic Amy Garner has been opening her doors to an increasing number of male clients. Just as modern men visit

Welcome to Theo’s Blog, Easter 2015

As you probably know, the 2015 edition of old Moore’s Almanac is now almost sold out. Already we have people contacting us, almost crying in the street, saying that it

Welcome to Theo’s Blog, March 2014

Welcome to our spring blog from Theophilius Moore, founder of Old Moore’s Almanac 250 years ago. This newsletter will focus on just how extraordinary it is to be writing to