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Netflix Brings Forgotten Irish War Story to Life

In the depths of the Congo in Africa, The Congo Crisis hit the country. It began almost immediately after the Congo’s independence from Belgium. With a vacuum of power, opposing

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The Last Irish Wilderness

Irish for Island, Oileáin is the title of a book that is a guide to 573 of the fabulous islands scattered around the Ireland. These islands are mostly in bays

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Eagles Are A Cash Cow

White Tailed Sea Eagles. Who knew they would draw tourists and twitchers in such numbers? And these bird enthusiasts are bringing their wallets with them. Just in the trial period

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An Invasion is Upon Us

The Irish pygmy shrew is getting beaten out of Ireland by an invader. It’s Game of Thrones time for our native shrews. An invading species of shrew first discovered in

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  We are Irish. People all around the world give out to us about our special relationship with the potato. But let’s face it, potatoes are damn gorgeous. And now,