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This week, we have a guest psychic give us her predictions for the coming months.

Sarah De La Mer is a psychic who has read for Bono, Aston Kutcher, and Louis Walsh, among others. And yes she is Irish! Here we ask her what her predictions are for the coming months.


Predictions for 2014

Tom Cruise and fellow scientologist Laura Prepon are all set to snuggle and settle during 2014. This romance will move quickly and is the real deal, apparently. Tom is keen to settle down and marry again and he has found happiness with Laura, even though they have simply been friends for quite some time. This romantic development has a natural flavour and feel to it and these two get on very well. There will be no power struggles or issues to contend with in this union and Ms Prepon will likely be somewhat of a peace maker between Tom and Katie as they still struggle to agree on how to manage their fragmented family.  Laura is good news for all involved in the Cruise Control camp.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher  –  everyone assumes these two are a permanent item heading for marriage and babies. This may of course be the vague intention. However this is not going to happen. These two are essentially just good friends. They both know all about the *friends with benefits* arrangement after all, having acted in movies with basically the same plot and theme. Mila cannot and will not have Kutcher’s babies. And Kutcher will find that when his divorce is finally finalised, he suddenly feels a whole lot different about everything.

Demi Moore ~ Much more settled and content and rebuilding all her closest relationships. The divorce and separation from Kutcher put her through the ringer. Their inability to have their own family essentially put the kaibosh on things and Demi sunk into various insecurities, problems and addictions. Demi and Ashton will remain eternally connected though and their charity *THORN* is fully committed to making big improvements to prevent and expose the trafficking of women worldwide.

Great Success for Jonathan Rhys Meyers in USA and Hollywood. Playing the vampire suits him well and this role will open up some very interesting on screen offers.

More books and babies on the way from Cecelia Ahern. A pregnancy announcement soon.  Boy, is this girl productive!

Engagement Rhianna and Chris Brown. Rhianna tones down her image considerably and finds even more success and expands her fan base with her mellow grooves phase. She presents a more together, less frantic side. There is a more settled feel to her life also and there is personal happiness with Chris Brown, despite what the nay sayers may say.

Many of the X factor finalists this year can expect good careers. Most particularly Luke Friend, who can expect similar success to last year’s winner James Arthur. Luke Friend has an energy and charisma which is far ahead of the other contestants this year. As Gary Barlow said he is truly in a “lane of his own”. Yes Sam Bailey can sing, but she does not actually have the glamour edge or X Factor. I hope she does not end up singing on cruise ships as she is very talented. Tamera Foster is destined for huge success with the right grooming and backing and she is in the right place to find this.

Hilary Clinton runs for President …major changes in USA electoral system. We have been waiting for this for a long time. Hilary will surely be the first female president of the United States. Obama is taking the hits over Obama care. But Hilary will run a successful campaign and will be inspired to make what Obama started much more palatable. She is a better sales person over all, and has a great relationship with Europe and the Far East.

Success for Robin Williams as he returns to TV. Not so much Mork and Mindy, but a great feel good entertainment nonetheless.

More babies for Robbie Williams and his beautiful wife. Wonder will the next pregnancy be twins. I see two more quite close together anyhow.

Drug over dose… Male actor… Hollywood.  Hopefully NOT Macaulay Culkin.

Benedict Cumberbatch – major success in Holywood

Health scares for Paul McCartney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II, Steve Martin, Charlie Sheen, Catherine Zeta Jones, Olivia Newton John, Cliff Richard.

Miley Cyrus continues with her attempts to be the wild child gone wrong. More acting roles for her and some considerable success with both acting and music in the year ahead. Stating the obvious really. But she will settle eventually and calm down. She is trying to dethrone Gaga who is becoming increasingly tame. Gaga is running out of ways to shock us. So the true shock will be watching her become more and more mellow and normal.

Sir Paul McCartney Cancer Scare. Strong connection to Lynda still and a process of healing to undergo. He will pull through with comparable bravery to Michael Douglas. But this case is not so serious, and it will be used to increase public awareness and be a great help to many.

Political scandals high ranking officials. More than ever scandals and skeletons falling out of the closet.  Trafficking cells uncovered. Outrageous involvement exposing a couple of high profile public figures.

Justin Bieber comes of age, growing into a man with a sharper image. Expect scandals and surprising revelations, followed by a calming down and out-of-the-blue engagement announcement.

More lone wolf random killings in the USA, what’s new? Heightened security in schools and airports. Air travel becomes increasingly tricky and annoying.

Exciting medical advances and breakthroughs to come:  Breast Cancer breakthroughs in treatment. Very positive developments in treatments of Prostate and Lung Cancers. MS treatments and much better understanding of this condition. Vaccines to treat Cancers coming in. Parkinsons. Diabetes. Heart Disease. Weight loss. Drugs to treat obesity. Better treatments for depression new and modified meds.  Development of Natural Homeopathic treatments …aids. Alzheimer’s.  New technology for sight restorations on the way.

LA coast tremors SAN DIEGO area hit March/April .. across to Palm Springs  … possibly a 9 on the Richter scale.

Mega Storms. Heat Waves. Gulf States. Droughts more prolonged. Planetary changes make the storms worse. Hurricane Sandy type events more common. Hurricanes Florida more vulnerable. Flooding. All because of Global Warming. Tornados Kansas.

Avoid Egypt… further turmoil… forget the pyramids, the sphinx. NO sightseeing in EGYPT for the foreseeable future.

Moving out of cities mass evacuations to the country.

Precautions needed re water contamination.

Queen Elizabeth increasingly frail and Duke of Edinburgh will soon cross over. Charles may very briefly take over the reins but more as a Prince Regent “stand in” than a King.  Prince William and Katherine ascend to the throne MUCH quicker than people will expect.  All in the next 2 to 3 years. Another pregnancy to come for this wonderful couple also. Another pregnancy announcement before too long, a girl this time.

Cyber Hacking a big problem 2014. Security on the net much needed. Extra Vigilance. Government offices and banks under threat. A new form of on line terrorism, which could potentially cause a lot of problems. Watch out for a Robin Hood type hacker who seeks to put money INTO people’s accounts!

2014 improvements in world economy. Be smart with investments and save. Things picking up between now and 2018. Learn the lessons of the economic crash and avoid any kind of overspending.

Come back for Madonna and daughter Lourdes breaking into the fashion and music business also. Great worldwide success in business for Lourdes.

Health Scare for Bill Clinton once again. Needs to down scale worldwide commitments

Extreme weather patterns continuing. People adjust and accepting and adapting.

Fukashima more worries to come about its effects on the ocean. The effects of radio activity and leaks will be marked in marine life unfortunately.

Look for deals in property market. Now as things pick up it is a good time to make cute moves and investments.

Increase market volatility. Not the collapse of the US dollar, but a natural decline. Weakening. Europe weakening as a global power also. Many years to come, a drawn out process. China increasingly becoming a worldwide force to contend with.

Real estate market volatile… tight loan structures etc. Generally better to rent a home or apartment. The “have to have a house for security” belief has definitely changed.

Corruption in Europe in high profile scams. Money scams. Bank hack attacks. China. Russian. Iran cyber warfare. Sophisticated  cyber attacks. Governments running scared.

New Evidence of After Life …. evidence that we do not shut down after death. Our spiritual understanding and consciousness expanding all the time. Science aware of much of this already. Quantum Physics becomes braver. Apparently we never really lose consciousness when we die. Our spirit is consciousness and the universe is alive. Science is catching up with the psychic work. There already ARE many many studies validating the existence of the paranormal and ability to predict future events. Our advanced “knowing” continues to develop. Listen to the psychic intelligence of your children.

Sarah De La Mer is available for readings here. Visit our site tomorrow to see our interview with Sarah. She discusses what life is like as a psyhic at large!




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