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  The North Pole is now the North Lake While we were away barbequing stuff and getting a tan, a lot of Old Moore’s predictions came true and hit the

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An Interview With Old Moore

As we all know, we have had the same resident psychic working for Old Moore’s Almanac for several years now. His interesting and accurate predictions have led to an increase

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Tayto Park? Potatoes, We Salute You.

  By Nicole Buckler I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical when heading out with the kids to Tayto Park. I was thinking, Oh God, it is just

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AutoCompleting the Counties

Who is googling what about YOUR county? Let’s have a look! Most of us know Autocomplete. As you type within the search box on Google, Autocomplete helps you find information

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The Great Irish Joke

All of the jokes featured on our facebook page since its inception have been complied into one page. Please feel free to snort laughing into your coffee. Mistletoe Mary was

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