Has A Little Ice Age Started?

A new book says global warming is NOT happening, but a mini-ice-age is upon us.

How to Keep Humans Alive on Mars

The Mars One mission, dogged by controversy, has now pulled out the big guns to prove that it's got what it takes to send people to Mars.

Prehistoric Brits and the Irish Had a Gold Trading Route

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of a prehistoric gold trade route between the Brits and the Irish.

Motions of the Moon Control Us All

Think the moon is just a yellow ball in the sky, which is perhaps made of cheese? Then think again. It affects us more than we realise.

A Good Appetiser Could Make Your Main Course Less Enjoyable

Are you a chef? Or perhaps you like to cook for friends? Here is a secret weapon: if you make your appetiser a little bit boring, your guests will perceive your main to be much more awesome than it is.

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