From Recession to Success - An Irish Business Journey

Marc and Conor Bereen of Coppinger Row Restaurant and Damson Diner in Dublin, share with us their long hard road to prosperity.

Dracula was Transylvanian, Right? Wrong! He was Irish.

Historian Fiona Fitzsimons has been tracing the roots of Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula. And it seems it was a cultured but brutal figure in Bram Stocker’s past that was the inspiration for the Dracula we know today.

Irish Egg Donor Wanted For Seemingly Bizarre Person

Here’s your very weird story of the day…

Aussies…We Want Your Tourist Dollar So bad It Hurts.

Tourism Ireland is sucking up to Aussies and trying to get them to visit us and bring their money. Aussies, we are coming to shake you down of your tourists dollars, don’t try to resist.

The Flimsy Arrests in 18th-19th Century Ireland

A genealogy website has published the 1790-1920 Irish Prison Registers, revealing that at the time, you could get arrested for being “a suspicious character."

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