Irish Tourist Hell

There is a place in Kerry where you are warned to beware of the "troll-hag" and the "creepy stalker".

The Animal Psychic

Animal Psychic Jackie Weaver is becoming well known in animal-lover circles. Here she tells us how she talks to animals and helps them to convey their illnesses to their owners.

Truck Racing in Kildare

So who can honestly say they have hung out in Ireland watching truck races? Well now you can.

the e-Almanac!

After 250 years, the Old Moore's Almanac is now available in e-format. Yes THE E-MAGAZINE is now LIVE!

Get Your Nudy Swim On!

Do you want to raise money for cancer research? And do you like to be naked in a very cold ocean? Then Dip in the Nip is for you.

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