Predictions Which Came True in 2014

Here are our favourite predicitons which came true in 2014.


Yes here is a little space in the cyber world where you can give us your thoughts on the 2015 edition.

Emigration Christmas

We all have relatives that have fled Ireland’s ridiculous economic rollercoaster. And many have ended up in the Southern hemisphere…Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America. And in these new gaffs, the Irish are having a rather sweaty Christmas. Not so much HO HO HO as piping hot turkey? NO NO NO!

Winter Funderland

If you have a spare 100 euro this Christmas, and perhaps some kids who are on the nice list, then it is time for a trip to Christmas Funderland at the RDS in Dublin, says Nicole Buckler.

Irish Tourist Hell

There is a place in Kerry where you are warned to beware of the "troll-hag" and the "creepy stalker".

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