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Go Native With Irish Fruit Wine

Who needs wine made from grapes when you can get locked on fermented strawberries? It may surprise you to know that Ireland is officially listed as a wine-producing country by

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In Catholic Countries, Women are Less Likely to Breastfeed

Okay so here’s a weird story for the Catholics amongst us… In countries with higher proportions of Protestants, breastfeeding rates tend to be higher. So how are the Irish doing

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Game of Thrones Tour

Explore the real Westeros yourself this summer. But be sure to avoid direwolves and three-eyed ravens. Also skill up on swinging your broadsword while cantering your stately steed down the

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Holy Wells of Ireland

Holy wells have been centres of piety for centuries in Ireland. That is, until they paved paradise, and put up a parking lot. But some of these wells still exist

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Alpacas Are Now All The Rage on Irish Farms

Irish farmers are branching out and creating multiple revenue streams on their farms. Farmers have discovered the fun in keeping alpacas. And unlike some other animals, they won’t bite you