Highly Effective Seasickness Treatment on the Horizon

Because puking is damn unattractive, people.

Cold Weather = More Heart Attacks

Here at the Almanac, we are all about the weather. We love predicting weather. It is so important to so many lives on a daily basis, from farmers to trawler workers to builders. But now, doctors need to take note of the weather too.

Colourful Potatoes May Pack A Powerful Cancer Prevention Punch

We are Irish. People all around the world give out to us about our special relationship with the potato. But let’s face it, potatoes are damn gorgeous. And now, we might be having the last laugh.

Mars One Replaces Astronauts Who Have Dropped Out

Mars One has been busy since we last checked in with them. Six new astronauts have been chosen to replace candidates who have dropped out. And, Co Cork-based engineer Steve Menaa has been chosen to replace Dublin’s Dr Joseph Roche, who lost faith in the project.

Urban Male Professionals Are Seeking Psychic Advice

Where once seeing a psychic was favoured by women, London Psychic Amy Garner has been opening her doors to an increasing number of male clients.

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