New Irish Names

As Celtic-Irish names fall out of fashion, Nicole Buckler suggests we dig new ones out from a forgotten pool of names from Medieval Ireland.

Must-Have Naff Gifts

Yes it’s that time of year again…when we send godawful St Patrick’s Day gifts abroad to all of our relatives who have emigrated.

Free holiday? Yep.

Are you stuck with a whopping mortgage, negative equity, bills up to your giblets and think you can’t afford an overseas holiday? Think again, says Dubliner Daisy Murphy.

Ashes to Trees

By 2100 there will be 10 billion people in the world. We won’t have enough space for our own feet let alone for cemeteries. So here’s an idea worth exploring…let's convert cemeteries into forests.

Buy Your Rural Idyll for €17,000

We are all fed up with the real estate rollercoaster in Ireland. And with Old Moore predicting more pain to come, Nicole Buckler has decided that the only way forward is a rural idyll for a bargain price.

Old Moore's Almanac 2015
Health and Wellbeing
Paranormal Ireland
A Holiday in Ireland
Country Sports
Green Ireland
Futuristic Trends
Home & Garden
Food & Drink
Things To Do & See
Ireland Long Ago
Rural Life

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